10 years and madly in LOVE!

  Amissi surprised his wife Melba with a 10 year vow renewal on Maui.  Not only did he surprise her with the vow renewal, he also surprised his adoring wife by flying her mother in for the ceremony as well!

Amissi and Melba met while Melba was on a blind date… with another man!  Their eyes met from across a restaurant, however they never spoke that evening.  Months later Amissi happened to spot Melba in the lobby of a hotel and he mustered up the courage to speak to her… and the rest is history.  The way these two look at each other says it all!

    Creative Island Visions began with some romantic photos along the walk way to Ulua Beach for the ceremony that was lovingly officiated by Robert McCollor.  With her mother happily standing by, Melba and Amissi renewed their heartfelt vows filled with laughter and tears.  These two danced into the amazing Maui sunset, enjoying every moment together.

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