Julia & Brian ~ Married at Po’olenalena Beach

With their family surrounding them with love, Julia and Brian said they said their “I Do’s” on a deserted beach in Wailea, compliments to the light sprinkles of rain from the sky above.  Our couple were all smiles and took the rain as a grand adventure!  Now isn’t that what marriage is…  A Grand Adventure!

One of our favorite elements that Julia and Brian incorporated into their wedding day was the “Message in a Bottle” that had their names and wedding date. They threw the bottle into the ocean in hopes of one day meeting the person that finds it.  How romantic 🙂

The clouds created some magnificent lighting for our wonderful photographer, Cheynice from Karma Hill Photography who captured their day beautifully.  Later in the evening, the clouds opened up to reveal an incredible sunset.

Best wishes to you Julia and Brian as you embark on your new adventure!
Maui Wedding Photography_0002 Maui Wedding Photography_0003 Maui Wedding Photography_0004 Maui Wedding Photography_0005 Maui Wedding Photography_0006 Maui Wedding Photography_0007 Maui Wedding Photography_0008 Maui Wedding Photography_0009 Maui Wedding Photography_0010 Maui Wedding Photography_0011 Maui Wedding Photography_0012 Maui Wedding Photography_0013 Maui Wedding Photography_0014 Maui Wedding Photography_0015 Maui Wedding Photography_0016 Maui Wedding Photography_0017 Maui Wedding Photography_0018 Maui Wedding Photography_0019 Maui Wedding Photography_0020 Maui Wedding Photography_0021 Maui Wedding Photography_0022 Maui Wedding Photography_0023 Maui Wedding Photography_0025 Maui Wedding Photography_0028 Maui Wedding Photography_0029 Maui Wedding Photography_0030 Maui Wedding Photography_0031 Maui Wedding Photography_0035 Maui Wedding Photography_0036 Maui Wedding Photography_0037 Maui Wedding Photography_0038 Maui Wedding Photography_0040 Maui Wedding Photography_0041 Maui Wedding Photography_0042

10 years and madly in LOVE!

  Amissi surprised his wife Melba with a 10 year vow renewal on Maui.  Not only did he surprise her with the vow renewal, he also surprised his adoring wife by flying her mother in for the ceremony as well!

Amissi and Melba met while Melba was on a blind date… with another man!  Their eyes met from across a restaurant, however they never spoke that evening.  Months later Amissi happened to spot Melba in the lobby of a hotel and he mustered up the courage to speak to her… and the rest is history.  The way these two look at each other says it all!

    Creative Island Visions began with some romantic photos along the walk way to Ulua Beach for the ceremony that was lovingly officiated by Robert McCollor.  With her mother happily standing by, Melba and Amissi renewed their heartfelt vows filled with laughter and tears.  These two danced into the amazing Maui sunset, enjoying every moment together.

Amissi_008 Amissi_010 Amissi_015 Amissi_019 Amissi_021 Amissi_022 Amissi_025 Amissi_026 Amissi_029 Amissi_032 Amissi_034 Amissi_036 Amissi_037 Amissi_038 Amissi_043 Amissi_051 Amissi_052 Amissi_059 Amissi_069 Amissi_078 Amissi_081 Amissi_097 Amissi_102 Amissi_104 Amissi_105 Amissi_112 Amissi_115 Amissi_117 Amissi_138Amissi_139Amissi_141Amissi_119Amissi_124 Amissi_127 Amissi_129 Amissi_130 Amissi_132Amissi_134Amissi_147

Marina & Jon ~ Married at South Maluaka Beach

Marina & Jon traveled from California to have their wedding ceremony at South Maluaka Beach in Wailea. They chose to have an intimate morning ceremony on the beach, followed by a delicious brunch at Gannon’s Restaurant. Cleighton ‘Akea’ Eaton administered a fun ceremony for the two love birds.

Photo Hawaii did an amazing job at capturing the special connection the bride and groom have with one another.

Congratulations Marina & Jon!!!












A Sweet Thank You from our Happy Couple!

civ_therrienThank you so much Tracy for all of your hard work and for making our day perfect!  It was such a pleasure working with you and you made my life so much easier in planning the wedding . You have such great attention to detail and you were so calm in your demeanor and in your tone of voice that it just calmed me down. I was so impressed that you, the photographer, the pastor, the musician and videographer were there to meet me when I arrived at the beach; you were all so great and so friendly. I am so glad that Sue gave me your name as a reference. You are such a blessing and I can’t thank you enough for making our wedding day amazing and fabulous.

~ Love ~

 Liz and John 

Beth & Jordan ~ Married at Launiupoko Beach

Beth and Jordan had their wedding ceremony at Launiupoko Beach in Lahaina. The couple was accompanied by their parents and two adorable daughters. With an early morning wedding, they had the entire beach to themselves as Paul Tangonan officiated a wonderful ceremony. We absolutely love doing morning weddings! The lighting is excellent, resulting in beautifully vibrant colors. Photo Hawaii did an absolutely amazing job at capturing the radiant love between these two. Everyone present was filled with immense joy throughout the entire day.

Congratulations Beth & Jordan!!

 014 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

024 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

043 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

051 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

130 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

010 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

052 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

097 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

008 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

006 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

107 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui163 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

159 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

149 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

148 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

144 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

140 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

132 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

118 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

115 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

125 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

138 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

Morganne & Tyler ~ Married at Ulua Beach

Morganne and Tyler traveled from Kansas to celebrate their wedding at Ulua Beach in Wailea. They had a beautiful group of attendees to support them during their ceremony. Their red and black wedding colors visually popped with the natural beach surroundings. Scott Drexler did an amazing job capturing the special moments between the couple and their loved ones.









Megan & Joseph ~ Married at Napili Beach

Megan and Joseph celebrated their wedding ceremony at Napili Beach. The fun California couple were very excited for their big day! Photo Hawaii captured beautiful pre-wedding photos of the bride in her stunning wedding gown. As they headed down to the beach in front of their hotel, the bride was full of joy as she approaches her soon-to-be husband. Pia Aluli officiated a loving ceremony as the couple said their “I Do’s” to one another. They continued their celebration as the sun set into the ocean.

Congratulations Megan and Joseph!!

Megan and Joseph - 0014

Megan and Joseph - 0018

Megan and Joseph - 0025

Megan and Joseph - 0040

Megan and Joseph - 0041

Megan and Joseph - 0053

Megan and Joseph - 0056

Megan and Joseph - 0063

Megan and Joseph - 0067

Megan and Joseph - 0072

Megan and Joseph - 0073

Megan and Joseph - 0080

Megan and Joseph - 0081

Megan and Joseph - 0082

Megan and Joseph - 0090

Megan and Joseph - 0091

Stephanie & Andre ~ Married at Baby Beach

Stephanie and Andre traveled all the way from Germany to elope in Maui. The bride and groom chose to celebrate their special day just the two of them at Baby Beach in Lahaina. Paul Tangonan administered an intimate ceremony for the happy couple. They were filled with joy and happiness to be with one another and to start their life long commitment. Hula Girl Photography did an amazing job at capturing the stunning sunset and the beautiful couple.

Congratulations Stephanie & Andre!!

Hula Girl Photography-3

Hula Girl Photography-6 Hula Girl Photography-7

Hula Girl Photography-8

Hula Girl Photography-12

Hula Girl Photography-10

Hula Girl Photography-5

Tandi & Mitchell ~ Married at Ironwoods Beach

Tandi and Mitchell were high school sweethearts that decided to be married on our beautiful island of Maui.  They travelled from Washington with their thirty of their closest family and friends.  It was quite an emotional and sweet ceremony, for they were married on Tandi’s late Grandmother’s birthday.

Ironwoods Beach in Kapalua was the perfect beach venue for their wedding ceremony.  With the rocky cliffs, the rolling waves and that gorgeous sunset!  Thank you to Chelsea at Creative Island Visions for helping this lovely couple capture such sweet memories of their wedding day.















We LOVE happy couples!

Dear Tracy,
Thank you so much, for helping us making it an unforgettable day!
And thank you for the snorkeling tip, we went to day and didn’t imagine that there could be that many colorful fish, just of shore …
You were right, we don’t wanna go home!
Best wishes
Heidi and Morten