Chrissy & Stephen ~ Married at the Wailea Marriott Resort & Spa

Our beautiful Bride, Chrissy was such a joy!

Chrissy and Stephen traveled from Washington with close to 60 of the family and friends!

Chrissy began her day with hair and makeup by our fabulous stylist Jackie Cavallo.  Photographer Jessica Pearl began capturing photos in her room at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.  They had their ceremony on the Kaho’olawe Lawn with one of their good friends officiating the ceremony.  Tears and laughter filled the air as they exchanged their personal vows to one another.  Jessica Pearl took the couple around the grounds of the beautiful resort of the Marriott for romantic photos.  They ended the evening at Pacific Terrace Rooftop for their reception for dancing and cake!

Congratulations on a beautiful wedding!

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A Sweet Thank You from our Happy Couple!

civ_therrienThank you so much Tracy for all of your hard work and for making our day perfect!  It was such a pleasure working with you and you made my life so much easier in planning the wedding . You have such great attention to detail and you were so calm in your demeanor and in your tone of voice that it just calmed me down. I was so impressed that you, the photographer, the pastor, the musician and videographer were there to meet me when I arrived at the beach; you were all so great and so friendly. I am so glad that Sue gave me your name as a reference. You are such a blessing and I can’t thank you enough for making our wedding day amazing and fabulous.

~ Love ~

 Liz and John 

Francesca & Tyler ~ Married at the Wailea Marriott Resort & Spa

Francesca was a dream to work with!  She knew exactly what she wanted to the very last detail… and every detail was as breathtakingly beautiful as she is!!

She and Tyler enjoyed every moment of their wedding day.  They laughed, they cried, they giggled with excitement, having Anna Kim Photography capture every emotion perfectly.  The Ocean Lawn at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort and Spa provided a gorgeous backdrop for the ceremony while the Pacific Terrace allowed them to party into the evening.
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Michelle & Witold ~ Married at Gannon’s in Wailea

Michelle and Witold are such an AMAZING couple!

With 50 of their family and friends, this fun loving couple exchanged their heartfelt “I Do’s” at Gannon’s in Wailea.  Adding a lovely touch of elegance to this tropical venue with gorgeous, one shouldered navy blue dresses that adorned the bridesmaids, slacks and suspenders for the groomsmen.  Bob McCollor presided over the ceremony, pronouncing them “Man and Wife” to cheers from the crowd.

Creative Island Visions Photography captured every detail beautifully ~ even the Ford Mustang Convertible drive down to the beach where the romance came to life.  In honor of the Bride’s Chinese heritage and the Groom’s Polish heritage, they had a Chinese Tea Ceremony and a Polish Ceremony back at the reception.  Followed by a romantic first dance, the couple cut their cake and boogied downed with their family and friends ~ what a great night!!

















A Sweet Thank You Note…



Hi Tracy,

We just wanted to thank you again so much for coordinating our wedding so amazingly and seamlessly. Everyone said they had a wonderful time and that for many it was one of their best weddings ever attended! I appreciate the wonderful work you did to help us make such beautiful and lasting memories. You were such a pleasure to work with and we really enjoyed having you a part of all the special moments during our trip in Maui.
It’s been busy for Witold and I settling back into a new life with new beginnings, and we are definitely going through vacation and Maui withdrawal!  What a spectacular and special place that we were lucky to choose to have our wedding and share with family and friends.
If I ever hear of anyone doing an event or wedding in Maui, I will most definitely recommend your services!
Again, our most sincerest thanks and have a great summer.
Michelle & Witold


Hanna & Steven ~ Married at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

Hannah and Steven traveled from Colorado to have their wedding ceremony and reception at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. As the bride prepared herself for her big day, she was filled with a sense of calmness in knowing she was about to marry the man of her dreams. The groom was stunned by the first look at his beautiful bride! The happy couple joined one another in marriage on the Ocean Lawn with a loving ceremony by Tino Rosete. After the conclusion of their wedding ceremony, their photographer Natalie Puls took them down to the beach for beautiful sunset pictures. The two joined their family and friends for a private dinner reception at Mala Wailea Restaurant as they celebrated their special day!





















Beth & Jordan ~ Married at Launiupoko Beach

Beth and Jordan had their wedding ceremony at Launiupoko Beach in Lahaina. The couple was accompanied by their parents and two adorable daughters. With an early morning wedding, they had the entire beach to themselves as Paul Tangonan officiated a wonderful ceremony. We absolutely love doing morning weddings! The lighting is excellent, resulting in beautifully vibrant colors. Photo Hawaii did an absolutely amazing job at capturing the radiant love between these two. Everyone present was filled with immense joy throughout the entire day.

Congratulations Beth & Jordan!!

 014 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

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140 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

132 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

118 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

115 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

125 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

138 - Wangler - A Dream Wedding Launiupoko Beach Maui

Morganne & Tyler ~ Married at Ulua Beach

Morganne and Tyler traveled from Kansas to celebrate their wedding at Ulua Beach in Wailea. They had a beautiful group of attendees to support them during their ceremony. Their red and black wedding colors visually popped with the natural beach surroundings. Scott Drexler did an amazing job capturing the special moments between the couple and their loved ones.









Megan & Joseph ~ Married at Napili Beach

Megan and Joseph celebrated their wedding ceremony at Napili Beach. The fun California couple were very excited for their big day! Photo Hawaii captured beautiful pre-wedding photos of the bride in her stunning wedding gown. As they headed down to the beach in front of their hotel, the bride was full of joy as she approaches her soon-to-be husband. Pia Aluli officiated a loving ceremony as the couple said their “I Do’s” to one another. They continued their celebration as the sun set into the ocean.

Congratulations Megan and Joseph!!

Megan and Joseph - 0014

Megan and Joseph - 0018

Megan and Joseph - 0025

Megan and Joseph - 0040

Megan and Joseph - 0041

Megan and Joseph - 0053

Megan and Joseph - 0056

Megan and Joseph - 0063

Megan and Joseph - 0067

Megan and Joseph - 0072

Megan and Joseph - 0073

Megan and Joseph - 0080

Megan and Joseph - 0081

Megan and Joseph - 0082

Megan and Joseph - 0090

Megan and Joseph - 0091